Community Notice

At the last Board of Directors meeting of the Nautica Community, the Board passed and has enacted two new community rules effective as of November 4, 2008.

Rule #1: The mailboxes are the maintenance obligation of each individual homeowner. Repair and replacement is the sole responsibility of each individual homeowner. All mailbox replacements must be according to ACC approval.

Note: The Association has planned to budget for complete community mailbox replacement in the 2009 Budget, to be completed during the year. Target completion date; November 2009.

Rule #2: Homeowners are permitted to record all meetings of the Association provided they notify the Association, in writing, 48 hours in advance of each meeting and then must provide the Association a complete copy of the recording 7 days after the meeting. Homeowners will be reimbursed reasonable copying cost up to $20.00. Homeowner’s may not record the next meeting until they have provided the prior meeting’s recordings.

Effective November 10, 2008 the pool gate key fob will be activated and a key will no longer be needed to enter the pool area. The key fobs to the pool area and clubhouse will be deactivated for all homeowners who are past due in their assessment, upon payment the key fob will be turned back on.

Your Board of Directors