Bulletin Board

If you have information you’d like to share with the community, whether it be a lost pet or an item, please post it in the bulletin board at the clubhouse and not in mailboxes. Putting flyers in or on the mailboxes is not only against our community rules, it is a Federal offense. Residents can post items for sale for 30 days. All the ads from the bulletin board will be removed every 30 days. If you sell your advertised item, please take a few minutes to remove the ad so others may have space for theirs and we know yours is no longer available.


The hours of towing are 11:00pm-6:00am. Vehicles parked on the side of the road past 11:00PM will be towed. Your vehicle can be parked overnight at the clubhouse until 7:00 AM the next day. Only residents using the clubhouse facilities are allowed daytime parking. No overnight parking of commercial vehicles is allowed anywhere, including driveways, unless they have all equipment out of sight and all advertising signs are covered or removed from the vehicle. Homeowners are reminded that they are responsible for any damage their vehicles, or their guests’ vehicles, cause to the roadway in the community. Overnight parking at the clubhouse is on a first come first serve basis.

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters can only be put on homes if there is a storm approaching.  Residents can start putting up shutters 72 hours prior to the arrival of the storm.  Shutters must be removed 72 hours after the storm passes. Have a friend or neighbor help you if you are leaving the area during hurricane season.

Holiday Lights

All holiday lights at your house should be removed within two weeks after the end of the holiday.

Fitness Room

The fitness room hours are 5:00am till 11:00pm. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to use the fitness facilities. The facilities and equipment are for all residents and may not be monopolized by a few.  Please turn off the television and lights when you are finished. Be courteous and wipe down the equipment after you are finished using it. Sanitary wipes are available in the dispenser.


Remember pet owners, show consideration for your neighbors. You must walk your pet on a leash and pick up afterwards. There is no such thing as a bad pet, just a bad owner.


There are three locations for non-lake owners to fish. Fishing is allowed on each of the  Lawrence Road lakes, and the Bermuda Sound lake.  There is no fishing allowed behind the berm on Lawrence Road.

Real Estate Signs

All real estate signs must be placed on a front window, not on the fascia; there can be only one sign. The maintenance and security men have been instructed to remove any sign that is not correctly placed on the front of the home. There are no lawn signs allowed.

Mail Boxes

The Association replaced all the mailboxes throughout the community in the summer of 2009. There is only one style of mailbox allowed in the community; these mailboxes are the sole responsibility of the homeowner. All maintenance and repairs are to be made to conform to community standards. If your mailbox needs to be replaced, please contact Quality Management and they will provide you with all the information that you will need.

Exterior Modifications

The Association requires all changes or modifications to the exterior of your home and property be approved by the Association Architectural Committee.  The Committee meets 30 minutes prior to all Board meetings; please contact Quality Management to receive the necessary paperwork and dates for the meetings. The Association has an approved color chart for the exterior of your home and your driveway; a copy is posted in the clubhouse bulletin board.

The Community issues violations for all homes and properties that do not conform to community standards.  After several warnings are given, the Community will levy fines and/or enter onto your property to resolve said violations.

Pool Rules

The Association requires all homeowners and their guests to act and dress appropriately in the pool area. No one under the age of 13 may use the pool without an adult present.

  • No glass in the pool area.
  • There is no life guard present, swim at your own risk.
  • Pool hours are from 7am to 10pm.
  • All pool guests must be accompanied by the homeowner; guests are subject to the same  rules as an owner/resident and may be asked to leave if they are in violation of any pool or community rule
  • Homeowners are responsible for any damage they may cause at the pool area, including human waste in the pool.
  • The pool gate must remain closed at all times.
  • All babies must wear pool diapers and be monitored at all times.
  • Everyone must shower before entering the pool.
  • Homeowners and their guests are required to follow all posted pool rule signs posted in the pool area.
  • Please wipe down your chair after you are done using it.
  • Please pick up and dispose of all garbage before you leave the pool area.
  • Homeowners who are delinquent in their Assessments will have their keyfobs deactivated, and the “right to use” the pool will be denied until they become current on their Association assessments.

Clubhouse Rules

The Association completely remodeled the Clubhouse in May of 2009; the clubhouse is open to anyone over the age of 18 from 5am to 11pm.  Anyone under age must be accompanied by a person at least 18 years old. All residents are allowed to have five (5) guests at any one time in the clubhouse.

  • The clubhouse may be rented.  Contact Quality Management to reserve your date and time.
  • Homeowners are allowed to store items in the refrigerator; items must be removed when you are finished in the clubhouse.
  • The association has an ice machine in the kitchen area. Please keep ice and liquids off the hardwood floors.  Please refrain from putting hands directly in ice machine for sanitary reasons.
  • No one is allowed to use the Clubhouse or fitness room when the clubhouse is rented.
  • No one is allowed to wear wet clothing in the Clubhouse.  Homeowners using the pool must use the pool entrance to the clubhouse when entering and exiting the bathrooms.
  • The clubhouse may be reserved in four hour increments, starting at 11am.
  • Extra chairs and tables are available to anyone renting the clubhouse; please let us know when you reserve the clubhouse: 4 round tables, 3 rectangular tables, & 25 chairs.
  • All parties must be finished and cleaned up by midnight.
  • Homeowners are responsible for any damage to the clubhouse that their guests may cause.
  • Any homeowners delinquent in their assessments may not rent the clubhouse and their keyfobs will be deactivated until their account becomes current.
  • Please make sure the television and lights are turned off when you are done in the clubhouse. Let’s conserve electricity.
  • Please remove any excessive garbage from the clubhouse when you are finished.
  • All utensils and dishes are for the use of any Nautica resident. Please wash and place back in cabinets when you are finished.
  • There is to be

    No cookingof any kind inside the clubhouse.  All cooking must be done outside.

Basketball & Tennis Courts

The Association requires all homeowners and their guests to act and dress appropriately when playing on the basketball and tennis courts.

  • The hours of operation for the basketball and tennis courts are from 9am to 10pm.
  • No glass containers of any kind can be in the area of the courts… No Exceptions!
  • The lights will go off at 10:15pm; this will allow you plenty of time to cleanup and exit the area safely.
  • The courts are for a one hour play time period.  If no one is waiting then you may play longer.
  • Please be courteous to your neighbors and don’t interrupt their games.
  • No one under the age of 13 may play unattended on the courts.
  • No bicycles or skateboards are allowed on the courts.  Homeowners will be billed for any damage their children may cause to the courts.
  • Residents are allowed three guests at any given time to use the courts. Residents must be present while their guests are playing.


The Association requires all homeowners and their guests to act and dress appropriately when playing in the playground area. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Please cleanup when you are finished in the playground area. Please notify Quality Management of any defective or damaged equipment.

Sidewalks and Driveway Aprons

The sidewalks and the aprons at the front/side of your home are your responsibility. All repairs and maintenance are the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

Street lights

Please contact Quality Management if the street light near your home is not working. Please note the number of the street pole. These lights are the responsibility of FPL, but they rely on us to notify them when they aren’t working properly. A well lighted neighborhood is a safe community.

Lake Landscaping

All landscaping at the rear or side of your home that is planted near the lake is the sole responsibility of each homeowner; unless the landscaping is defined as a littoral easement by Palm Beach County and the City of Boynton Beach.

Gate Area Parking

There is to be no parking at either gate area or any picking up or dropping off of any children in these areas. No Exceptions! Homeowners are encouraged to park their vehicles at the clubhouse and walk their children to the front Gate. The Association has authorized Boynton Beach Police to issue tickets and warnings to anyone who is parked illegally at our entrance gate areas.

The Board has authorized Boynton Beach Police to routinely patrol the community. They have been authorized to enforce all laws, including, but not limited to, speeding and running stop signs. We strongly recommend that all homeowners and their guests adhere to all traffic requirements within our community.


We cannot reiterate strongly enough that ensuring the safety of our community, our residents, and our children is our primary goal.  Please help us to achieve this goal by coming to a full stop at stop signs and obeying the speed limits.  Thank you for your cooperation.